Our Approach

Robert M. Wade believes that if you do things right, good things happen. That’s why he spends a great deal of time researching investment options for his clients and managing their accounts. This commitment to diligence sets him apart from other financial professionals.

Thoughtful Planning

Working closely with clients and developing a long-term partnership are of paramount importance to Robert. Whether it's investment management, estate planning, insurance planning, budget planning, or business strategizing, Robert listens carefully to his clients in order to clarify their goals and objectives. He then uses this information to craft a financial plan specifically for them.    

In-Depth Research

In-depth research is a primary focus for Robert, and he follows a distinctive and detailed process to screen investments. The investment's performance is then tracked on a continual basis, and only the investments that meet his criteria are chosen for recommendation to clients. This level of detail in investment research and selection separates R.M. Wade & Company, Ltd. from other financial advisors.

Vigilant Account Management

Account flexibility plays an important role in Robert’s approach to account management. For example, a rapid change in financial markets can cause clients to worry about their future and the soundness of their financial plan.

Robert balances short-term market changes, and global economic forces, with a long-term investment perspective. This flexibility allows him to continually monitor his clients’ accounts and make adjustments that are consistent with the overall purpose of the portfolio.

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